Since 1958 the good, 100% italian ice-cream

Ivan and Roberto and, in the center, their father Alessandro

“Laboratorio Artigianale Gelateria Ghisolfi” brings on a tradition started in 1958, when dad Alessandro inaugurated his first “gelateria”in Meda, near Milan.

That day he started his activity as an ice-cream maker with a rudimentary vertical machine cooled with pickle; ice-cream, to be pasteurized, was hand boiled slowly and continuously.

Later on he buys more modern machines, he refines his crafts and begins producing ice-creams of improved taste.

Meanwhile his sons, Roberto and Ivan, had grown up and had decided to follow Alessandro’s path.

They open 5 “Gelaterie” and, thank to their success they decide opening a centralized “Laboratorio” to serve ice-cream shops and much more…

In 1996 Gelateria Ghisolfi creates its first organic ice-cream , after a careful choice of ingredients.

Today Ghisolfi’s ice-cream is a brand appreciated and recognized worldwide, not only in Italy.

Thanks to Ivan’s managerial skills and to Roberto’s creativity Gelateria Ghisolfi creates flavours which satisfy completely international market needs.

In the peculiar artisanal lab, tradition and research melt withthe genuinity and the quality of basic ingredients; bringing to life extremely refined flavours.

Ghisolfi’s ice-cream is good, Ghisolfi’s ice-cream is precious.

An historic brand a guaranty of quality.
A trip through research, passion and creativity
to transform every taste in emotions.